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Thank you for investing in Backlink Flood. My aim is take anyone (regardless of their starting level)
and give them the knowledge and tools they need to drive tons of traffic from the search engines
(particularly Google) and start making some serious money. I’ve tried to make this guide as easy to
follow as possible (there are dozens of screen shots for absolutely everything) but I’m only human so
I’m sure I’ve messed up or not explained myself properly in places. If at any point you’re left
confused or unsure how to proceed please get in touch with.
Don’t forget to look at the rest of the Backlink Flood package. The extra stuff I’ve packaged together
with it aren’t rubbish freebies. I’ve included my Keyword Flood guide, for anyone who doesn’t know
how to do keyword/competition research right (which is nearly everyone!). You’ve also got two high
quality pieces of software (Keyword Flood to help you do keyword research about 1000 times faster
than the manual alternative) and Article Flood (to help you produce more unique content as fast as
So without further ado, let’s get started. To your success!
Backlink Flood,

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